Maskgun Multiplayer FPS 2.370 Mod Apk + MOD (Unlocked) for Android

Maskgun Multiplayer FPS 2.370 Mod Apk + MOD (Unlocked) for Android

MaskGun is a casual real-time Multiplayer First Person Shooter built for Touch.
Cross-platform 3D Multiplayer FPS game for iOS and Android with a new presence realtime system lets you play with your friends to join them in a game.

Three game modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Defusal Bomb Mode.
Three Arena Maps - Yard ghost town and Factory.

Mask - Express yourself using Mask
Gun - Choose between 16 weapons Three Primary or Secondary Weapons
Armor - Armor Custom selection
Patterns and Decals - Customize Weapons and Armor

- free to play as much as you want, no energy system
- Realtime Systems Attendance Friend
- New loadout to adjust Gun, Armors and Masks with pattern and Decals
- Three new modes including Deathmatch, Team Death Match and Bomb Defusal
- Three new Maps including ghosttown and Plant Yard
- Mission Complete Level Up
- Party Mode up with friends.
- New Game Mode and Maps coming soon

Awards for MaskGun
NGDC Studio Game of the Year 2016

Praise for MaskGun
"One game I saw that it would do very well in our society and in the App Store, is MaskGun" - Eli Hodapp, Editor - TouchArcade, Podcast
"I quite liked the first-person shooter with a mask. It's my favorite game. It seems so slick and so well done. "Podcast -PocketGamer

Custom Game Engine
The game now play nice with all devices, including devices with smaller application size and memory footprint.
metal support and better battery consumption
Watch the preview video now to see real gameplay 5-vs-5 multiplayer battles.
(Yes, it really looks like the screenshot.)

Thanks for the amazing response and feedback.
Keep those comments arrival and send an email to

Thanks to All of Your Feedback!
Squashed some bugs!

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