Battle Instinct 2.48 Mod Apk + Mod For Android

Battle Instinct 2.48 Mod Apk + Mod For Android

Battle Instinct - Battle Instinct is a super cute action game with a small volume from Deus Craft Game Studio for Android devices inspired by survival games like Fort Knight and Pebbles Mobile.Designed and built. Battle Instinct is going to wake you up to the instinct of battle; as a player, you land on the island with 49 other fighters, each trying to survive. In the end, the one who can last and be the last person left in the game is the winner! The first thing to consider after getting off is the weapon and then a protective cover like a bulletproof vest! As you go, you can explore different buildings and get better weapons! Try hiding somewhere like the roof of buildings or bushes and surprise your opponents, but be careful - this may come to your head! If you are a lover of action and survival games, Battle Instinct is definitely worth a try over the small volume.

Game Battle Instinct has now +10.000 times by Android users around the world downloaded from Google Play and managed to score 4.2 from 5.0 gain. You shouldn't expect a fantastic game at Fort Knight or PaBe for a game less than 150 MB in size, but it's well designed and sized for its size and can hang for hours on end in a great environment.

Additional Tips:

1 - It is online and online game
2 - In Mood version you can click on store logo and get money by GET IT
2 - New version is released without data.

Changes to version V2.48:

* Various optimizations and bug fixes



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