Simple Gallery Pro v6.8.2 Download Simple Gallery App

Simple Gallery Pro v6.8.2 Download Simple Gallery App

Simple Gallery Pro v6.8.2 Download Simple Gallery App

The latest version of Simple Gallery Pro

App Simple Gallery Pro A gallery is very simple and practical to use it can manage your videos and images on your phone. Different phones usually have pre-programmed applications for managing multimedia files. But users have different tastes and are installing other apps to use as their phone gallery. The program is also one of those programs that is ultimately designed to be easy to manage and allows you to manage all the videos and images on the phone. You can view and manage all your files in folders on one page.

Features of Simple Gallery Pro

  • An awesome tool
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Ability to encrypt the secure folder
  • Possibility to hide pictures and videos
  • Supports various formats
  • Possibility to mark images
  • Support for Natch
  • There is a picture editor
  • Possibility to write descriptions for images
  • Slide show
  • Ability to search among files
  • And other facilities
It supports a variety of formats and you can easily play your videos and pictures. You will also be able to hide files and you can put them on the code. The in-app image editor allows you to edit minor edits and apply filters to images, and you can view them in a slideshow. The program has a very simple design and you can easily use it.


Improved Search on the main screen, let's use it for searching all files, not folders
Added Print functionality at fullscreen images
Fixed a glitch at PNGs getting deleted after rotation
Other stability, translation and performance improvements

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