Download Avee Music Player (Pro) Full 1.2.83 - Apk For Android

Download Avee Music Player (Pro) Full 1.2.83 - Lightweight and lightweight Android + light music player

Premium, professional, and full-priced, for $ 4.99, we offer you loved ones

Many of the music players in the Android market have a very high volume because of their useless and massive features, and this high volume makes many users unable to install them on their smart devices. In this post, we plan to eliminate the limitations mentioned by introducing an extraordinary and low-volume music player. Avee Music Player (Pro) Full As a compact, full-featured music player for Android OSDeveloped by Daaw Aww and released at Google Policeman Market. This music player allows its users to access their audio files as easily as possible, and can easily download popular formats with just one touch. Contrary to the imagination of some people, the compactness of this program is not a sign of its limitations, and you will find with a review that it has a variety of functionalities. The quality of the audio being played is very high and you will be able to manipulate the equalizer bands according to the music streaming. Also, the folder browsing system makes it hard to be confused with your music and easily distribute them.

Some features of the Android Avee Music Player (Pro) app:
Support and playback of the most popular audio formats
Folder browse system for easier access to music
Access to high-level customizable equalizer bars
Create your favorite playlists in pla, pls, mp pl, pl, m3u, m3u8 formats.
The ability to control music on the screen lock
A sleep timer is very smart and very accurate
Supports music control by Bluetooth headset

The Avee Music Player (Pro) has gained a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by users of Google Play with a variety of special features, as well as a very low volume, which can now access its newest professional version with access. Get all the features from the great our version includes all the monetary features.

Changes Version v1.2.83:

* Fix app problems + New features.

DOWNLOAD  Avee Music Player (Pro) Full


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