Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter 1.2.9 Mod Apk + MOD Unlimited Money

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter 1.2.9 Mod Apk - Galaxy Invaders A Very Fun Game in the Style of Action Games Is being released by ONESOFT Game Studio for Android devices. The game studio has already had some successful games and has a good record. If you love classic games like Star Wars you will no doubt add Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter to your favorite game list! Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is actually an advanced version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, which has attracted the attention of many gamers with its exceptional and exceptional gameplay. The story is this: With the advancement of technology, humans have been able to discover many of the farthest parts of the galaxy and to locate their ships and space bases. But aliens suddenly find themselves in more advanced worlds with different temporal and spatial dimensions that seek to conquer the galaxy and the Earth. You are now the hope of all, and you have been summoned as a heroic hero to protect humanity's future from aliens. The game mechanism is very simple and step by step. At each stage you encounter different races of aliens and you must try to destroy them. You will be provided with a space fighter spaceship that automatically fires at aliens. Huge waves of aliens attack you in different combat settings, and you have to be careful with their movements and timely maneuvers and be careful not to hit them. You can get coins by destroying aliens and then use them to upgrade your spacecraft or buy new spacecraft. In addition, sometimes destroying aliens can also boost boosters and special auxiliary forces released during the game.

Stages of the game Galaxy Invaders: Alien ShooterThey are very diverse and you have to fight and defeat the bosses of each stage to get to the next stages. The early stages are simple, but the more you play, the more difficult the levels become, and the more alien races you encounter. This game has both Campaign and Infinity modes, giving players the opportunity to challenge their skills in different modes. In addition, game developers intend to add more stages and modes to the game with new updates. The controls are very simple and completely responsive. Simply place your finger on the screen of your device and move around to steer the spacecraft up and down or left and right. Visually, the graphics are beautiful and eye-catching, and the lighting and effects are awesome. In addition to the visual features, the soundtrack is admirable and doubles the charm of the game. The game process is very fast and breathtaking and brings a unique experience to the players. Although the game's mechanism is simple and lacks the glamor of lucrative games, its addictive gameplay has made every gamer spend their leisure time with the Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. This game with over 5,000,000 installs and downloadsHigh Score 4.7 out of 5.0 is one of the most popular Android games in the market, and the team hasdecided to give this game a test run for free. At the end of the story you can see the introductory video and screenshots of the gameplay to get acquainted with the game and download it from our servers. Hope you enjoy this game!

Version v1.2.9 changes:

* Added inventory system
* Added new levels to the campaign
* Added new bosses
* Various optimizations and fixes minor issues


DOWNLOAD mod apk - 49 MB

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