Download IDM +: Fastest download manager 9.9.2 Mod Apk For Android

IDM + Apk Mod

Download IDM +: Fastest download manager 9.9.2 - Android + Mods management and boost speed download

IDM +: Fastest download manager A great download manager (download manager) app developed by Vicky Bonick for Android OS.It has been published. At the beginning of the introduction of the app, one that attracts attention to the unique features of this software is the developer's description, which, according to him, can be upgraded by up to 500 times the speed of the download! A set of features and features are included in this software, which makes it a perfect download manager. All file formats on the Internet are supported by IDM + and you can get them at a very high speed. The technology used will also split each downloaded file into 16 equal parts, which will increase the download speed multiplied. Easily select up to 5 concurrent downloads and limit the download speed to them in general so that they can be downloaded at the exact specified time. Unlike other software available, the program supports links and programs that are password protected and receives them without any problems. The app has many abilities and abilities that you can get to know about them better with Farsi.

Some Features and Features of the IDM + Program: Android's Fastest Download Manager:

  • Two dark and bright themes to change the program environment
  • Direct download files on SD card (Android 4.4 and higher).
  • Ability to pause and resume the download process
  • Stop, start or delete all downloads while downloading
  • See progress in downloading files
  • Supports unlimited retry with custom latency
  • Supports downloading files only in case of WiFi connection
  • Timing to get files
  • Convert files to 16 pieces to increase download speed
  • Ability to download 5 files simultaneously
  • Create restrictions on file download speed
  • Import or export download links in bulk
  • Open or share downloaded files
  • Supports a variety of different formats available on the web
  • Vibration support and sound notification of download completion
  • Supports common types of Android browsers like Firefox, Chrome and more.
  • Proxy support

The IDM + app , Fastest Download Manager, has been able to score 4.2 out of 5.0 by PlayStation due to its capabilities and capabilities, as well as its $ 1.49 price . This software has been downloaded 500 around the world to get it patched version of Semuatentangandroid among the first users will be in Iran.

Updates IDM +: Fastest download manager

Reduced app size by 50%
Some bug fixes

Modes feature IDM +: Fastest download manager :

  • Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load
  • Encrypted all resources
  • Support for armv7 only
  • Analytics Disabled
  • Languages: En, Ru

Download IDM +: Fastest download manager Mod Apk For Android


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