Download Shadow Fight 3 1.18.5 - Extreme Action Games Shad Fight 3 Android + Mod

Shadow Fight 3 Full v1.18.5 Apk Mod + Level - The Fantastic Battle of Shadows 3 Android + Trailer

An incredibly beautiful consoles game with great design and addictive gameplay
New update simultaneously with release and for the first time in Iran
special offer

Shadow Fight 3 - Shadow Fight 3 mod apk The third version of the super-cute, popular and unparalleled Shadow Fight game from Nekko's Playbooth Studio for Android devices is, as we have always decided, the latest and the latest release for the first time in Iran. You are an entertainer of action games and you are friends waiting for the release of this rare game, and you will be thrilled to rejoice! By installing Shadow Fight 3 on your Android device, you will experience a new era of legendary combat! In Shadow Fight 2, you appreciate the fight against the opponents who were in the shadow, but in Shadow Fight 3, those shadows became a beautiful and ferocious fighter! Choose your fighter and enter into breathtaking bouts and experience one of the most diverse Android games! The game is designed to be a great compilation volume and is one of the most beautiful and most fashionable Android games; our game was tested on three different handsets and, thankfully, they were run smoothly on all of them, and we propose not to miss it at all. ! If you're a fan of action games, no doubt Shadow Fight 3 will glorify you!

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk will be the best in Android games in 2017, and features include combat and battle in a variety of different venues, the ability to destroy future enemies with touch and intuitive controls, travel to different locations. From the world to fight the heroes, with stunning HD graphics, along with exciting sound, the ability to customize your fighter with a diverse sword, clothes and armor, magic powers and addictive gameplay Erove! You can now view screenshots of the game and download it for your Android device at high-speed servers for hours!

Note: The new version, like Shadifight 2, is provided without the need for data from the developer and the required data is downloaded with the game itself.

Updates updates
The update includes the following changes:
- Some critical bugs fixed;
- The main Quest goes on: the first part of Chapter VII is finally available!
- New locations and bosses;
- New equipment items and two brand new combat styles;
- New feature: Collections. You can quickly sort your items and get rewards for every collection completed;
- 3 legendary sets, each of them giving you a special bonus when fully equipped on your character.

Run and install instructions

Instructions for installing and running the game Shad Fat 3

- First, download and install the APK file. Download the data file and unzip it. Copy the COM.NIKKI.SHADOWFIGHT3 folder to the ANDROID / OBB path of the device's internal storage. - Finally, run the game.

Shadow Fight 3 Android

Features of the vehicles
In the version of your enemy's mode is weak
Mod features weak enemy!

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