Download Modern Strike Online 1.30.0 - Battle game in the modern world of Android + Mod

Modern Strike Online pro v1.30.0 + Mod - A fantastic and popular shooting game for Android + Trailer
Normal Edition + Mod Mode (Features listed) individually
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Modern Strike Online - Modern Strike Online is a popular and exciting game of action, shooting and gun mode from the Game Development studio for Android, released for free on Polestore and up to this moment more than ten million times by Android users around the world. The world has been downloaded and today, on the request of you, dear and regular users, we intend to introduce the latest version! If you are an anti-terrorist fan, the Modern Strike Online apk mod game has been made for you! In this game you can go to battle with enemies by taking different weapons and experience one of the most beautiful Android gun games! The game is designed to work well on all phones and tablets, even older devices with weaker hardware! It's time to take part in the armed conflict online and face your enemies! The game consists of three different modes that you can choose from among them and enter breathless battles! If you want to play online multiplayer battles with your friends, download Modern Strike Online hack without any holidays and experience one of the most beautiful Android action games!

Modern Strike Online Android Games

Today's Modern Strike Online mod apk is currently rated 4.3 from 5.0 in the PlayStation. We have introduced the newest and latest versions of Farsi with the style of the presence of your action game lovers! The general features of the game include the ability to make your own game with the rules you set and compete with your friends in the same environment, including 7 different maps with specific tactics to fight, the possibility of using 25 different types of weapons Such as pistols, rifles, semi-automatic guns, rifles and grenades, the use of various types of armor coatings, the ability to change the color of your weapon and all its parts from tube to shotgun and gun shotgun, shooting to head Getting the first place for your opponents, great graphics and sound effects, and updating certain timeframes. Added features and new items! Stay tuned for viewing free game downloads and free downloads!

Note: It is an online game, and it always requires the internet and the movie-drawer to be active.

V1.30.0 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game fixes + New features

Modes feature features:

  • Radar Mod
  • No spread
  • No Recoil
  • Anti flash
  • Friendly Fire
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Items Do not Break
  • Weapon Do not Break
  • Unlimited Medkits Use In Rounds
  • Unlimited Grenades Use In Rounds
  • No Explode Damage (BOMB)
  • Night Vision Enabled
  • Anti Cheat Bypassed

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